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BedRock at the Red

red river gorge, kentucky


An Inviting Escape

Centrally located to world class climbing and some of the most beautiful hiking in Kentucky is our unique lodge. With our cozy accommodations and lots of community space, we provide a one of a kind experience in The Red. Whether you are coming for a few nights or a week, come enjoy our beautiful property. BedRock is the place to enjoy the community we all love with the rest we all deserve.


The BedRock Convenience. Lodge to cliff mileage: 

Muir Valley. 1 mile.

Roadside, The Zoo, Emerald City. 7 miles.

Eastern Region. 9 miles.

PMRP. 11 miles

Coal Bank Hollow. 8 miles.

Miller Fork. 11 miles.


Hiking in the Red River Gorge. Lodge to trail mileage:

Natural Bridge. 5.5 miles.

Tunnel Ridge Rd. 9 miles.

Chimney Top Rock Rd. 7 miles.

Gladie Visitor Center. 14 miles.


We can't wait to see you.


494 Big Andy Ridge, Rogers, Ky 41365